Lovely Summer Brides

I've had the pleasure once again of working with many wonderful ladies over the past few weeks on their most special day.  Congrats to all and thank you for the photos Brianne, Jackie, Ashley and Erin!!!
                                                   photo below: Hair by Daniela of The Beauty Team

The Height of the Season

Welcome June....such a busy, busy month and it's only just begun. This past weekend included 5 weddings along with bridal trials in between during the week. I have also been actively working for Channel TV 20 shooting commercials and video shoots, as well as a promo makeover event at Hair Friends & Company, a wonderful salon here in Ocean County. Loving my job more and more each day!!

Here are a few new photos of some of my recent brides!!.....and waiting on some pro pictures....Congrats Ladies!!!

Recently Hired as a Key Makeup Artist for Channel TV-20

Very excited to have recently been hired as the Key Makeup Artist for "in-studio" shows airing on local channel TV-20. Had a great first day today doing makeup for the taping of a TV commercial for the channel. It is always amazing to see how much time and manpower goes into a 60 second taping. Every small detail counts and it was a great experience seeing it all come together.

It was a pleasure meeting the staff and crew at Ocean County College. I'm really looking forward to the additional dates booked this summer to do makeup for the hosts and guests appearing on the channel's upcoming TV shows.

Stay tuned for updates......

Nicole's March Wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Nicole, her sister and her mom 14 months prior to her wedding date this past March. Nicole LOVES makeup, I think as much as I do, and we had a great time trying out different looks throughout the year leading up to her "Big Day" including her engagement photo session and makeup for her and her sister's birthday celebration.

Myself and Nicole, one of the other wonderful makeup artists I work with, provided services for a total of 12 ladies.
Nicole was kind enough to call me just 2 days after her wedding to thank me and let me know how much she loved her makeup and how pleased the other 11 ladies were as well. Here are a few pro pictures taken by J & R Guarino Photography. Nicole looked absolutely stunning!!